2014 summer semester 6thJune 04, 2014


 This week the teams finally began the actual production of the airplanes. The teams learned how to use the laser cutter. To use it first we need to prepare 2D cad file and download it to the cutter just like a normal printer. Then we have to place the material that we are going to cut, on the machine and set the cutter’s configuration appropriately; the laser output and speed depends on material hardness and thickness. This machine is very useful because it is able to cut materials in a complex curved line.

 The teams also learned the basic technique of crafting empennage, which is mostly plane shape. First we have to lay full-sized drawing and cover it with plastic film. Then we have to cut the wooden materials, which is mostly thin balsa wood so we can cut it with a regular cutter, and place them on the drawing. Then we stick them with instant glue; the plastic film will prevent the materials to stick with the drawing.

 The teams will continue to make the airplanes for several weeks. We are planning to fly the airplanes on next month so the teams have to make sure they will finish the production by then.

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics



藤岡 駿