2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 3June 07, 2023


Today we cut and glued balsa plates and cut carbon pipes. We also confirmed the assembly procedure of the balsa plate and carbon pipe.
Cutting the balsa plates is a continuation of the previous work. We got used to using the laser cutter and were able to work efficiently. We had already completed the board for holding the drone's motor in place. We had already completed the board for fixing the drone's motor, so we cut a new board for placing other electrical components such as the base and batteries. We wanted to make a regular octagonal board, but the original board was smaller than this, so we decided to glue two half-sized boards together. The shape of the board was devised with good design in mind. Please check the photos to see the wonderful design of the board.
The carbon pipe was cut with a thread saw. It was the first time the author used carbon pipe, so the cutting process was exciting and fun.
Finally, the body assembly procedure was confirmed. This drone has many parts, all of which must be assembled in the correct order. Therefore, we carefully checked the order of assembly and numbered the parts so that we could assemble them correctly. Next week, we will assemble and glue them together. We also plan to assemble the electrical system, as we will receive materials such as the base. We will work hard to make up for the delay in progress due to the time it took for the materials to arrive.