2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2May 19, 2021 The University of Tokyo


The main things we did this week were to improve the design of the aircraft using 3D CAD, choose the materials to buy, and research Pixracer. According to the teachers the rigidity, weight, and mobility, which was the issue we had last week, were fine, but some improvements may be needed: add some sections around the machinery for support and to soften the shock; adjust some sections of the frame; change the color for each side to know which way is up at a glance; add some propel guards; choose the team name. We assigned each of us different jobs for the following week, where one of us work on the CAD and the other choose the materials and research Pixracer. Starting next week, we will start building the aircraft and as beginners, we are both excited and nervous about it.