2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 6June 12, 2019


Last week, we finished creating two pairs of tail assembly and one pair of main wings. Thanks to the stand we had created several weeks ago, we smoothly and quickly created a pair of main wings. Today, we tried to create one more pair of main wing and then tried to connect tail assembly and main tail by using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP). Simultaneously, some of my teammates began to set about electrical system, which is the core of the aircraft. In this part, we should be careful not to make short circuit. When we struggled to connect create some parts of electric system by soldering wires, one of our teaching assistants told us how to solder wires easily. At last, we could finish some parts of the electric system.
Next week, we are going to make entire body of the aircraft and continue creating electric system as well. Then if we can, we would like to examine whether our aircraft can fly or not after all components are assembled together. In this course, our team is trying to an automatic controlled aircraft, so we would like to finish up creating an aircraft itself as soon as possible. We have not programmed for the automated controlling yet, so it’s time for us to begin programming.