2017 summer semester Flying Robot Project 2nd Team AMay 24, 2017


This week, we considered parts of the multicopter moreover. We found that the thrust of the motor we’ve considered last week is too large, so we decided to use motor less powerful.
Also, we drew a structural diagram integrated with the parts. We’ve thought we need a voltage regulator last week, but it turned out that the flight controller has same one and we don’t need it.
Furthermore, we calculate the weight of all of parts and adjust not to over 300g: it is decided by the regulation of the contest.
In a few days, we want to purchase the parts and start developing. Before the parts will arrive, we’re learning how to use CAD and microcomputer programming.

Aeronautics and Astronautics
Ryota Tono

航空宇宙工学科3年 當野良太