2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 4May 29, 2019


We had the 5th meeting on May 31, 2019. This article describe how our team is going on and small progress for making our own flying robot. We went through mainly two steps at the last meeting. One is resizing some parts to fit our design and the other is assembling those parts carelessly according to our blueprint, though that carelessness is mentioned later.

- Resizing some parts to fit our plan
We received some of many parts that we ordered before last meeting, so tried to get started to assemble one of them square pipe with rib parts, which is cut out before last meeting. We wanted a square pipe whose size of cross section is 5×4, which means length is 5 and width is 4, however we found that actual size of that pipe was wrong, and the thickness outside is 5 and the thickness inside is 4!! Rib parts was cut out then accurately according to our blueprint, so we had to resize the hole on ribs to fit the size of square pipe.

- Assembling rib parts (carelessly) according to our design
We made skeleton of left wing by assembling rib parts with the pipe, but we had a little difficulty in fix the position of those parts. Instant glue and primer were used for combining them, but we should have fixed their position carefully in order to improve its accuracy, that is, we should have made JIGs.

Preparation for the next lesson and Remarks
- We will have a meeting before next lesson, and will finish making skeleton of both wing.
- We will get started to create a CG-shifting-device next week. Share of idea about the system with our team is necessary for improving its quality.