2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 1June 20, 2018


This week, all parts required for wings were completed. This means that all the ribs were cut using laser cutter. After all rib parts were completely cut, they were reinforced using another Balsa wood with perpendicular fiber direction to provide additional strength to that direction. Thin line sticking out from the rear were reinforced using 0.3mm poly-carbonate board to provide more resiliency towards bending. When all reinforcements were done, chord line which will be used during assembly were written to the rib parts. The ribs were then temporary fixed into their position, using paper beams, for the permanent assembly which will be done later. One of the wings went through all of the procedures described above. Another will be finished before next class. Meanwhile elevon was constructed using narrower balsa. The main frame for the elevon was glued into L shape to resist twisting moment. The space inside the frame was reinforced with X pattern, however it may not be necessary because the frame seemed to be already strong enough, and reinforcing material seemed to be rather weak. Two of them were completed. The main body bearing all of the propulsion system was cut and glued together. However after they have been glued, large distortion was discovered. The construction will be completely redone in the following week. 主翼のためのすべてのパーツは完成しました。それらはバルサからレーザーカッターで切り出された。切ったらそれらはもう一つのバルサの板を使って繊維方向が直交するように補強された。後縁の細長い部分は弾力を持たせるため、0.3㎜のポリカーボネートの板で補強された。 その後コードラインを組み立て時に参照するために書いた。その後リブを翼の形に仮止めした。片翼は終わったがもう一方は次の授業で組み立てる。 同時にエレボンをバルサを使って組み立てた。ひねりに対して耐性を持たせるため、エレボンのフレームはL字型に作った。フレームの内部の空洞はX字型に補強した。 胴体もいったんは組み立てたが大きなゆがみが見つかったため、次週にもう一度作り直すことにした。