2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 10July 17, 2019


Last time we calculated the position of the center of gravity and attached the main winds and the tail to the fuselage. Our goal of this week's class was to put all remaining parts such as front wheels and all other electronic parts, and connect servomotor and ailerons, an elevator and a rudder with tight knots. In other words, we tried to bring our aircraft to completion.
First, we attached front wheels in order to make it easy to attach other remaining parts. It was much more difficult to attach front wheels vertically to the body pole than my imagination. Then we attached electronic parts, and connected servomotors and the elevator and the rudder with yarn. We made the knots tight and tension was so strong. So, the elevator got under the tail when the elevator was controlled to move fast. To prevent this accident, thin balsa stick was attached to the edge of the tail wind. In the final, we could make the elevator and the rudder to move in quick response to input signals. Next, we tried to connect ailerons and servomotor. In order to connect them with knot, it is necessary to make hole in main winds. We found short tubes and used it for the pass of yarns. Finally, we could make the ailerons to move quickly. All the stages of work were finished. We are looking forward to let our aircraft fly.