2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team BMay 25, 2016


This week our team has made 3D models of some parts of SAKURA. To cut a board with a laser cutter and obtain ribs for main wings, 3D data of ribs were required. So we calculated the length and the height of each rib and designed the ribs using 3D-CAD named Inventor. Also, we have designed the draft of a vertical tail and a horizontal tail with Inventor to use it for crafting tails next week. All these works were done based on the handwritten draft last week and in the process of designing 3D data, more detailed scale were decided.
The work of this week enables us to start crafting tails and ribs from next week. The detailed size of each rib and framework of tails are now decided and 3D data for the laser cutter is obtained, so we are ready for starting craft.
However, there are some problems. The location of the hole on ribs to lighten ribs has not been decided yet. And we failed to make the 3D model of whole main wings because we were not used to operating Inventor. So next week we need to study how to use Inventor and try to make main wings again.

Kazuki Ishihama
College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo
今週我々のチームはSAKURAの機体の一部の三次元データを作成しました。この三次元データはレーザーカッターを使うために必要です。3D CADのInventorを使ってリブの設計をし、また次週機体制作に使うために水平尾翼、垂直尾翼の設計も行いました。これらの作業は先週までに作成した構造三面図をもとに行い、今回三次元データを作成したことで、細部のより詳しい寸法が判明しました。