2014 summer semester 5thMay 28, 2014


 This week each of the teams displayed their own aircraft’s structural 3 view drawing by explaining their concepts of their airplane and how those concepts affected and shaped its structure. Then Mr. Kanegawa (Advisor) and Mr. Kimura (Teaching Assistant) asked them about the material and its size of components they will use for crafting. Because the weight restriction is very severe (200g for manual, 250g for automatic controlled airplane), each team seemed to have had difficulty in keeping the both stiffness and weight in desired level.

 After that all people moved to the workshop and took wooden materials in their hands. There are two main materials for crafting regarding woods: balsa wood and veneer wood. Balsa wood is very light but has low rigidity. On the other hand veneer has high rigidity but is relatively heavy. And at times we should be aware of its density. For example even two equally sized balsa woods might show different structural properties because moisture content affects density. The point is that we have to consider these kinds of characteristics and distribute materials efficiently to realize light weight but also strong-built airplane. Keeping it in mind each team checked again the airplanes made in previous semesters.

 By next week each team will revise the design again and finally start crafting their flying robot!

Shun Fujioka
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics



藤岡 駿