2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 3December 15, 2021


Our group made the main wing and tail.
Atsushi used the laser cutter and cut the balsa parts of the main wing. Finally, all parts were cut out. He forgot to turn on the switch of the machine which circulates the air in the laser cutter. Then one of the teaching assistant told him jokingly “Next time you do so, you will have death penalty”. In the next class he is going to assemble the parts he cut out and have to take care!!
Kana made a vertical stabilizer. She was quick at work, and finished making a frame of the vertical stabilizer. Next time she is going to make joint reinforcement parts of it. Also she cut out the parts from the balsa board from which the laser cutter wasn't able to cut out completely. One of the reasons the laser cutter wasn't able to cut out completely was that the closed curve of the blueprint was opened.
I worked on making a horizontal stabilizer. I made it with 2mm square balsa. First, I cut the balsa to length written on CAD design drawings. After that, I arranged them by using masking tape. Finally I put them together with instant glue. I didn't finish making it, so next time I am going to keep on making it.
By the way, the teaching assistant mistook my name again! Our names are so similar so he will remember my name next time for sure!
When Kana and I worked on our work, one of the teaching assistants taught us the existence of a hardening accelerator. By using this, instant glue hardens quickly. I was so bothered by sticky hands so I was so happy to know its existence. Also we didn't have to care whether we might put parts on the desk and we could fix parts one after another. Our efficiency of work improved so much!