2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1April 25, 2018


Last week’s lesson was the third one of Flying Robots course and we started to make our flying robots at an laboratory. As our team’s concept had not finalized, we discussed about it. Though there were a lot of ideas of concept (a very fast plane, a plane which can win a flying robot contest, a very strange plane, a very stylish plane, and so on…), we finally made the concept that we would make a plane which is able to fly very slowly and fly for a very long time. That is why we made a blueprint of the plane whose wings were very long (aspect ratio is very high). However, our blueprint is very rough, we have to make a better blueprint in detail before the next lesson. (One of our team members is doing a great effort about it by using CAD though he goes back to his home town now because this week is golden-week!! Thank you very much!!!) In the next lesson, as we are going to start to construct our plane using the blueprint, we are looking forward to the lesson very much. Though our team has no student who majors in aeronautics and astronautics and we are very worried about whether we can finish the project or not. Collaborating our skills in each field, we would like to make a great plane which we are proud of. 先週の授業はこの飛行ロボットプロジェクトの3回目の授業でした。ついに私達は飛行機の制作に取り組み始めました。私達のチームのコンセプトはまだ決まっていなかったのでコンセプトについて話し合いました。速い飛行機やコンテストで勝てる飛行機、変な飛行機など様々なアイデアがありましたが、私たちはとても遅くて長時間飛ぶ飛行機を作ることに決めました。だから、私たちは翼が大きく、アスペクト比が大きな飛行機の設計図を作りました。しかしまだラフなので次の授業までに詳細な設計図を作る必要があります。(チームメンバーの一人がゴールデンウィークで帰省しているのにもかかわらずCADを使って頑張ってくれました!ありがとうございます!)次の授業ではついに実際に作り始めるのでとても授業を心待ちにしています。私達のチームには航空宇宙を専攻しているメンバーは一人もいないのでさいごめでやり遂げられるか不安ではありますが、それぞれの分野での知識を結集することで誇りに思えるような飛行機を作りたいです。