2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2May 15, 2019


Last week, we made all parts in our aircraft's tale assembly. Then we started making the main wing. We did not make the main wing itself, but we began making a pair of stand to make main wings efficiently. They are based on the experience that the two teammates who were in this course last year. Then, the lecture was over that day. We prepared to make the main wings efficiently because we are going to participate in the “All Japan Student's Indoor Flying Robots Contest". We expected that when we test or train the way to make our aircraft fly, it will fall and break many times. Therefore, we have to make many aircraft. In order to make all parts in tale assembly, what we did last week was mainly the repetition of cutting balsa wood using templates and glued them together. However, we became better at doing this work. So, we were able to make some pieces for each part in tale assembly. The skill will also be very helpful to make aircraft for many times. In these ways, we are steadily working for the aircraft and the contest.
Next week, we start making a pair of main wings. We want to finish them next week and complete making an aircraft itself the week after next week.