2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 2December 13, 2023


Today we began making the horizontal tail wing of the flying robot. We followed the same procedure as when we made the vertical tail fin last time. After cutting the square timbers and adjusting the details with sandpaper, we combined and glued them together on a paper blueprint. 2 identical pieces were needed, so we repeated the same process. Now that the framework of the structure is complete, the film will be applied here to complete the project.
The photo shows the assembled parts as they are drying after being glued together. As you can see from this photo, we are doing this with a simple construction. Because, to be honest, this is all work that we are experiencing for the first time and we are groping our way through the process.
I would like to continue working at this point to complete the tail fin, but there will be a possibility that the film we will attach may hit the cut square wood and tear, so we will stop this work for the time being. And in the next working time, we are going to start making the main wing. Using the laser cutter, we will cut out the balsa material and assemble it. This is the most important part, so we want to do it carefully.