2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 5th Team DMay 11, 2016


In this week, we almost completed the primary 3-view drawing of our project. We had been pointed out that our sketch had too long fuselage to make using only one commercially available carbon rod and that the place of landing gear may cause scrape of elevator on taking-off and landing. We discussed these problems,and dealt with first problem by shortened the fuselage and simultaneously extending the elevator and the rudder and with second problem by moving rear landing gear under the elevator. Moreover, we calculated again if the position of the wing correspond with a center of gravity of the aircraft and confirmed that our first setting was reasonable in general.
In addition, we could make farther progress in sketching structural 3-view drawing such as the number of ribs and the angle of beams in the elevator and the rudder. We also could share how we produce each structural parts.
However, we failed to make CAD model of our plane because almost none of us acquired how to handle CATIA software. And we found we should examine whether or not we have enough time to make all wings in form of oval.

Ken Harashima
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

原嶋 健