2017 winter semester Flying Robot Project 4th Team ANovember 08, 2017


On November 8th, the team moved on to begin the wing construction. With the prior week's wing design decisions set, we were able to use the laser cutter to begin cutting ribs. These were prepared before the weekly meeting. During the meeting, most of the time was spent creating a CAD model for reinforcing the T-joint for the wing to fuselage connection. This model was subsequently printed. Throughout the meeting the team also worked on 2 other things. First, the paper wing skin for the horizontal and vertical stabilizers were glued on. And secondly, the first aileron was built. The image summarizes the progress for this meeting. 11月8日の授業では、私たちのチームは主翼の製造を始めた。授業の前に、先々週に設計された主翼のリブをレーザーカッターで印刷した。授業中に、主翼と胴体がつながるTジョイントのCADモデルを作り、レーザーカッターで印刷する準備をした。同時に、別のチームメンバーは2つのことをした。一つ目に、紙で水平尾翼と垂直尾翼のウィングスキンを設計した。二つ目に、エルロンを作りました。授業中に行った事は写真で確認できます。