2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 2November 28, 2018


Today, our team tried using a laser cutter and a 3D printer.
When we used the laser cutter before, we cut balsa wood and plywood board, so we were worried if the EPP, which we use for this project, can be cut as well as the design as well this time. As expected, since EPP shrunk at the same power and speed as those for balsa wood and plywood board, we adjusted the value many times, and finally we managed to find an appropriate value. After that, we cut some parts used in the main wing and in the box for things, such as an ESC and a battery and a Pixhawk and so on. While combining parts like a puzzle, we were careful to use EPP as small as possible.
At the same time we tried using a 3D printer. We had used 3D printers before, so we were able to set it without any problems. We made the base parts of the motors. We were surprised that the size was smaller than we had expected.
Also, we made a part of a box using the parts which we cut with the laser cutter. We took a picture of this parts.
Through today’s work, we gradually realized the whole size of our vehicle. Though there is so much more to be learned about control and materials, we would like to keep learning and work hard. Next week, we are going to cut all parts that we need.

Saki Hasebe