2017 winter semester Flying Robot Project 2nd Team AOctober 25, 2017


After spending a few weeks planning the structure of the plane, we began to actually build the frame. This week, we almost completed building the frame of the vertical stabilizer and the horizontal stabilizer, including parts for elevator and rudder.Balsa wood was used as often used for small airplanes like ours. The process did not require complex procedure so it did not take much for us to execute it, and it won’t be long until the frame is completed. It should be done next week.
Even though we almost finished planning the structure of the plane and are now building parts of it, we still have not decided the details of the main wing. The size is already planned but we are yet to decide how it will be shaped. Main wing is one of the most important parts of an airplane so we have to think about it carefully. In addition, our plane will have ailerons on its main wing. The process may not be easy. We have to finish the job next week.
We are in a group of four so the process is going faster than usual. Hopefully we will finish building the plane soon and spend more time on flying it.