2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1May 18, 2021 The University of Tokyo


We, team Biplane (a tentative name) plan to make a ring-shaped wing because it produces stronger lift and reduces wingtip vortex. The plane has two bodies and two propellers. It also has two vertical stabilizers. Even though there might be some problems, the plane also has four landing gears.
This week, we made a detailed three-view drawing based on a simple three-view drawing we made last week, using Fusion 360. Through the process, we made some changes based on what advisors pointed out. At first, we set aileron on upper wing. However, advisors pointed out that the aileron might not work on upper wing. Thus, we decided to set aileron on lower wing to make it work fully. We also decided to make two bodies paralleled because making motor mounts is easier.
An airfoil of the major will be Clark Y. We are going to make it from balsa wood, veneer, and cypress wood.
Lastly, we made a list of materials and electrical components and decided which shops we were going to buy these materials from. We are also making a simple process chart.
Even though our activities are limited due to the pandemic and we cannot always meet in person, we proceed the activity based on the chart from next week, careful with the situation and communicating well with each other.
翼型はClark Y型にする予定で、バルサ材、航空ベニヤ、ヒノキ角材などから作っていきます。