2020 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 5November 30, 2020


This week, we made linkage and wheels, and finally completed our aircraft, Yukigake.
We checked the operation of ladders and ailerons and they moved very smoothly.
We also did running tests. At first, Yukigake did not run well because the wheels were poor. After remaking wheels, Yukigake's running was improved little.
In the running test, we found that ladders worked very well.
Next week, we will conduct flight tests. We don't think Yukigake will fly well in the first flight test, but we're looking forward to the flight tests.
今週はリンケージ, 車輪の製作など細かい作業を行い, ついに機体が完成しました!!
尾翼の動作確認を行ったところ, 非常にスムーズに動きました
走行試験も行いました. はじめは車輪が貧弱でうまく走行しませんでしたが, 丁寧に作り直したら多少改善されました. ラダーの効きは非常に良かったです.
次はいよいよ飛行試験です. 初めからうまく飛ばないとは思いますが, 楽しみです