2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 9June 26, 2019


We worked on the pitching balance device, which is one of the most characteristic points of our aircraft. You can see a black pulley and round plywood in the picture. They are connected by green string and plywood can be rotate by the servo motor. As plywood rotates, string and rectangular balsa wood move forward and backward. A battery for this aircraft will be fixed to the balsa wood as a weight of the device. Movement of the weight will cause pitching momentum. We are going to use it to balance pitching position.
The biggest problem we have now is slack in the string. We are planning to resolve it by using clamping band. It can be tied after device is settled on the aircraft.
We will work on experiment of the device and attach Velcro tape on the balsa wood and battery in order to make dismounting easy.