2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 2December 01, 2021


Continuing from last week, we completed the main structure of our multicopter, which consists of square carbon pipes and balsa wood. Last week, we ended our work in the middle of assembly, so this time we tackled the rest. We started by matching the height of the balsa wood to the height of the pipes; we attached the balsa to the 5mm x 5mm square pipe to match. The balsa was attached to the 5mm x 5mm square pipe, but the height was not aligned because the instant glue sometimes caused it to rise (see white parts at the edge of the balsa in the photo). Since square pipes are difficult to shave, we added thin(1mm) balsa wood to adjust. We started with the parts that could be assembled while leaving some freedom for final adjustments. The final shape looked like the photo. We made the balsa parts at the intersection of the pipes hexagonal. Thanks to this, there were no major distortion, and we were able to assemble it as we expected.
Next week, we will work on soldering the motor and Electronic Speed Controller, and making the center part where the battery and other components will be placed.