2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 8June 19, 2019


We are group D. This time, we worked on bones and structures of our airplane. Since we are going to make a quadcopter first, we had to build square-shaped structure with a mortar on each corner. Few weeks ago, we have checked that our motors work with no problem. Therefore, we have started to make the structure with carbon tubes and wooden panels. The shape of the main structure will be square and a cross in the square to make it strong and avoid being bent and twisted. On the center of the cross, a receiver to receive signals from a transmitter and microcomputer which has sensors in it will be set. To support the structure and put motors on the corner, we had made wooden parts which can cover the corner of the structure once. However, we had to make them again, since we realized that screws to fix the motors are not able to be pierced through the thin wooden panels that we used. Therefore, we have started making some parts which constitute parts to cover the corners with thicker wooden panels by utilizing the laser cutter. For making a structure of the part, we have referred to an airplane robot which was built some years ago.
In addition to that, we have made additional wires to put them on the bones of the airplane. Although we have made wires and checked that the mortars work with no problem, they were too short to put the on the bones of airplanes. Therefore, we have made additional wires to extend the length of wires.
This time, unfortunately we could not finish making the wooden parts and extending wires, so we will continue making them next time and we will make it a goal for the next time to finish making them.