2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 3May 22, 2019


This week, we began to cut out the parts and build the plane, from the plans and concept designs. Blended wing body wings` accuracy of the shape is extremely important, due to the lack of the horizontal tail wing to stabilize and adjust the attitude, so a special platform was decided to be built to achieve the exact angle of attacks for the each rib, and the camber shapes. The jig consists of accurately sized supports cut out from plywood plates via laser cutters, placed on graph paper with markings, on where the each supports and ribs should be placed. The wing will be assembled on the supports of the jig as shown in the picture. The airfoil ribs are made out of balsa wood, and the main spar will be constructed into a sandwich structure with balsa and plywood. The bonding of the parts were done by using instant glue. Our goal is to complete the main structure of the wing and begin placing the electronic parts such as the motor, receivers and servos, plus begin cutting out the parts to put these together on the plane … all during the next week !
Still lots to be done………..