2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 2ndApril 13, 2016


2016S Semester 2nd 4/13

Today, we began the 2nd session of our project. Today’s theme was conceptual aircraft design. Students had to imagine the aircraft they wanted to build and make a preliminary sketch. They have 2 weeks to finalize their concepts. This week each student created their own preliminary concept individually. Next week they will separate into several teams and settle on a single team concept. This session was critical in this project because good aircraft depend on good concepts.

At the beginning of the class, one of the TAs, Mr. Sakaguchi, explained how to make an aircraft concept and showed some aircraft that have flown in previous Flying Robot Contests. This contest gives participants opportunities to try to complete a variety of missions, such as dropping goods onto targets, maximum unpowered flight time, etc. The rules of the Flying Robot Contest were also adopted for this project and the students had to consider those constraints when designing their vehicles. Next, we let student discuss their ideas about the concepts. Since there are quite a few students this year, we separated them into 3 groups for a world café style meeting. First we had the students discuss in each group and the staff members facilitated the discussion. Then we picked a few students from each group to present their opinions to the other groups. Finally they summarized their ideas about their aircraft in a report. These reports will be used when decided how to separate the students into teams.

Next week, the students will be assigned teams and the real team activities will begin.

Juri Kimura
3rd-year PhD Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics




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