2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 4June 14, 2023


I am Yuito Izumi, a first-year student in the College of Liberal Arts, Science I, and I am in charge of this week's blog post on the airplane project. I participated in this project because it brought back memories of flying toy radio-controlled airplanes in my childhood, and I thought it would be interesting to start by building one myself this time. I hope to experience the structure of airplanes and what kind of electrical systems are used to operate them. Our group plans to build a twin-fuselage plane. In addition, we plan to use the space between the fuselages to load a payload and add a mechanism to drop the payload in flight. The design must be delicate because it must maintain stability in response to changes in the center of gravity.
This week, we cut out the CAD-designed main wing using a laser cutter, while we assembled a receiver, LiPo batteries, servos, and brushless motors which we had in the workroom, and actually operated the servos and brushless motors from the transmitter. It was reassuring to see that both the servos and brushless motors produced more torque than we had expected. We actually got to know the wiring of the electrical system.
Next week, I think we will start assembling the main wing after cutting out all the parts with the laser cutter. I am looking forward to it.
今週の飛行機プロジェクトのブログ記事を担当する、教養学部理科I類1年生の泉 唯斗です。子供時代、おもちゃのラジコン飛行機を飛ばした記憶が蘇り、今度は自分で作ることから始めたら面白そうだと思ってこのプロジェクトに参加しました。飛行機の構造や、どのような電装系で動作しているのかを実感できればと思っています。自分達の班では双胴機を作ることを計画しています。さらに、胴体の間のスペースを用いてペイロードを積み、そのペイロードを飛行中に落下させる機構をつける予定です。重心の変化に対応して安定性を保つ必要があるので、デリケートな設計が求められます。