2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 1st April 06, 2016


Flying Robot Project for the 2016 summer semester has started. We staff members have been continuing our project with new TAs. The first day was an introduction session and we met over 30 students including not only junior students from Hongo campus, but also sophomore students from Komaba campus. We explained the project overview and schedule, and the new TAs shared their past experiences of developing their own aircraft two years ago. One of the TAs, Mr. Koike, told the students what activities they could engage in under this curriculum. Another TA, Mr. Sakaguchi, showed a video of an aircraft design contest called the “All Japan Students’ Indoor Flying Robot Contest.” Their videos and stories amused the students and helped them imagine the activities that they will experience in this class.

After that, Prof. Tsuchiya who is the professor in charge of this project, gave a lecture of a basic aeronautics. He took care to give simple explanations that could be easily understood by the new students, most of whom haven’t had much experience with aircraft. Professor Tsuchiya said that understanding technical terms of aeronautics could help their team activities. He also stressed that they didn’t need to memorize everything now, rather that the real world experience of building aircraft from this course would solidify the concepts.

Finally, we moved from the classroom to our workshop and showed previously constructed aircraft to the students. They saw and touched the real aircraft that their predecessors had made. Looking at the real world products was not only entertaining, but also helped give the students ideas for their own original aircraft.

This semester, many of the students come from the aerospace department, but many others have not yet declared a major. We are hopeful that they will enthusiastically participate in the activities in this class.

Juri Kimura
3rd-year PhD Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics




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