2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 10June 16, 2019


We held a regular meeting for flying robot and did two main works on June 19th. One is extension of conductor cables from ESC, Electric Speed Controller, to a battery and two propellers. The other is starting to create the device of shifting weight of flying robot.
Conductor cables needed to be extended because their length was not enough to connect to each parts and their electricity terminal was different from the right one. We cut one side of each cable and connected each other by soldering. Connection to the right cable for each device was paid attention to then.
A pulley, a servo and a board for setting the battery were linked together by a thread for the device of changing the center of gravity. Some wooden blocks were glued on the pulley to true up the height of a surface of the servo and the pulley. The servo needed to be set by a disk for extending the distance which the thread moves because the maximum rotation angle of the servo is from π/2 [rad] to –π/2 [rad] and the circumference is not enough to move the battery to the best position.
What to do at the next meeting is to find the better thread for the device of shifting weight, to assemble the parts of the tail unit and to decide where to fix the main wing to the body. The current thread for the device is a little weak, so it loose when the battery is set on it. Each part of the tail have already completed, so only the assembly has left.