2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 3May 15, 2019


We mainly did three things this week.
First, we checked the calculation we did in the past. We relied on the calculations of the main wing surface, horizontal and vertical stabilizer surface, center of gravity and so on done by one student. We did this because we were worried that if there were some mistakes in the calculations, we will have to make major modifications to the design. All calculations except the vertical stabilizer surface agreed with the calculation done before. We were not sure if we should use the whole surface of the main wing or half the wing, since we are making a biplane, to calculate the stabilizer surface, we decided to increase the surface just in case.
Secondly, we decided the structure of the main wing by to an aircraft made in the past. Now, the CAD group is working on the design so that we can laser cut the ribs in the next class.
Third, we started the preparations for making the stabilizers. Since the stabilizers are not so complex as the main wing and are made only by straight components which are easy to cut precisely by hand, we decided to assemble the stabilizers first. Two of us drew patterns of the structures of the stabilizers on paper. We will cut the materials, align them on the pattern and glue them together in the next class.
We are looking forward to seeing our own aircraft not in the computer display but in our hands.