The 12th ClassJuly 08, 2013


We usually hold this class on Wednesday. However, we gathered this Monday to build our model plane because we do not have enough amount of time.
First, we cut some parts of the wing, and checked how strong they are.
We designed our model plane very light because we want it to fly very slowly.
And so, some parts of the wings, such as limbs that are ones of the components of wings and hold the surface of the wings, are designed very vulnerable because these parts do not take large loads.
We cut some of the parts, checked them and got a confidence that these parts will not break when the airplane is flying because they have enough strength.
Second, we surveyed old model planes carefully and decided how to install electric devices such as a receiver or servos.
We will stick these parts by Velcros because they are easy to remove but can set parts strongly.


菅原 寛生(Hirotaka Sugawara)