2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1November 24, 2021


Today we mainly worked on the skeleton of the vertical tail fin. Since our team only has first year undergraduates, we had a hard time making even the simplest crafts. This time, all we did was to cut the woods to size and lay them out on the mat.
We are making a biplane. The main wing will be an elliptical wing. We would like to start making the main wings as soon as possible, but there are some changes in the structure of the elliptical wing and we have not been able to start yet. The elliptical part is going to be made by roasting woods. Currently, it is taking a long time to create the data on CAD because of the complexity of the way the girders are inserted. Considering the direction of the grain of the wood to be used, we need to devise a way to make the leading and trailing edge materials that reflect the ellipse, as we are concerned about their strength. We are trying to compensate for this weakness by using two pieces of leading edge and trailing edge wood each, but this is taking a lot of time to design.
Next week, we are planning to use the laser cutter to cut out the ribs for the main wings and horizontal tail fin.