2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 14th Team EJuly 13, 2016


In this week we completed building our plane. On the day before the test flight we finished making substrate and checked if it worked properly. The sensor’s readings was incorrect so we decided first we would do manual control and investigate our plane’s flight characteristics, and next week we would control our plane automatically. In the test flight our plane flew successfully but it had some problems. It tended to fly turn to right because of our plane’s structural characteristics so the day after test flight we revised the main wing. Concurrently we revised substrate.
First of all we relieved because our plane flew successfully. It had substrate so it was heavier than other model planes and we were worried about whether it flew successfully. The success of the test fly enabled us to concentrate on brushing up the substrate.
We took a close look at our plane and found that our plane’s left wing was twisted and left wing’s lift was greater than right wing’s lift. We build imprecise main wing so our plane didn’t fly straight. We found it difficult to build a symmetric and precise wing.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino