2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 5May 29, 2019


We made 2 groups. One group was in charge of main wing and the other group was in charge of tail plane.
Group 1 (which was in charge of main wing) mainly did 2 work. We first tried to cut out parts of framework from balsa wood and plywood and assemble framework. Though the assembling of framework didn’t go well because we didn’t use support stand which helps us to assemble framework vertically and correctly, so we decided we will make support stand before we make second wing. Our second work was to review the design of plane to make it stronger and more durable. In this work, we changed the framework; we connected main axis of plane and main axis of wing so that it will reduce the burden on wing.
Group 2 (which was in charge of tail plane) also mainly did 2 work. We first printed blueprint out and assembled the framework of tail plane with balsa wood according to the blueprint. Our second work was to paste paper to that framework. We glued the paper with super glue again from above after we pasted paper. After that, we directed a spray of water to the pasted paper to eliminate wrinkles.
わたしたちは主翼の作業をするグループと尾翼の作業をするグループに分かれて作業しました 。
主翼組は主に二つの作業をした。まずレーザーカッターでバルサ材やベニヤ板から骨組みのパーツを切り出して組み立てようとしました。しかし骨組みを垂直に組むための支え台を使わず感覚で垂直に組もうとしたので結構ずれて接着してしまいました。二つ目の作業は設計を見直して飛行機をより頑丈にすることです 。この作業では飛行機と翼の主軸同士を繋げて翼にかかる負担を減らしました。