To the 12th Indoor Flying Robot Contest_ team Alpha 3rdAugust 05, 2016


This week, we completed the 3rd plane. It was needed to make a drop system for an airdrop mission of the contest and attach it to the body. We referred to our college’s previous plane’s system, and we improved that. Our drop system was attached to the body by a magic tape.
And next, in order to succeed in auto landing, we loaded a camera that recognizes a marker near the runway. However, because the camera needs as broad view as possible, so it needed to be attached to as former point of the body as possible. If it is attached to the body directly, the camera view is bothered by the propeller. Therefore, we had to raise the camera above the body. Please look at the picture and do you think that it is a little ugly? We felt so at first, but now we got used to it. However, because of the position of the camera and the mount, we were anxious whether it afflicted the ability to fly smoothly.
On August 4, with the 3rd plane, we conducted a test flight. The rudder was very effective and the strength of the wing was enough. And also, the camera didn’t affected flight of the plane badly. The drop system worked correctly enough. We are relieved about those results.
In addition to these test, we adjusted the parameters of the automatic control. We made the airplane circle around. Though the airplane was damaged a little by some collisions, the whole result was good.

Masaya Ido
College of Arts and Sciences, Sophomore