2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 2December 13, 2023


This week, our Team C was divided into groups of two and one person, each responsible for assembling the left wing and the vertical tail fin, respectively.

Firstly, for the team of two, we arranged the ribs cut by a laser on a full-scale drawing. Most ribs on the wing side had legs attached for easy placement, but a few on the wing root side, created earlier, lacked legs. We improvised by affixing boards of the desired height as legs. The positioned ribs were secured with masking tape and firmly clamped with cuboid-shaped iron. By the way, the full-scale drawing, printed by the TA, was overwhelming in size when seen for the first time, emphasizing the magnitude of what we were attempting to build.

Connecting the fixed ribs with spars encountered a slight issue. The spar's diagonal entry for the ribs was not adequately considered, leading to holes that were slightly too small for a snug fit. Fortunately, this was resolved by carefully widening the holes with a cutter.

The work progressed smoothly from there, attaching two spars, rear edge material, and leading edge material in sequence. Unfortunately, time ran out before reaching the point of affixing the planks, as we cautiously navigated through the tasks for the first time. Since the relative positions of the ribs were not yet fixed, we left them secured to the drawing.

On the other hand, the individual working alone steadily progressed and nearly completed the assembly of the vertical tail fin. Regarding the tail fin, the process of cutting the wooden pieces to the appropriate length had mostly concluded by the previous week. Auxiliary materials were created and strategically placed to facilitate the fixation of individual pieces with super glue.