2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 7th Team EMay 25, 2016


This week we have a meeting based on feedback from teaching assistants. The contents of the meeting are 1) a final decision of the structure of the vertical stabilizer and the horizontal stabilizer 2) details of the structure of the main wings 3) sharing information about an automatic control system and washout of the unknown points.
We are going to start making the stabilizers next week and making the main wings one after another week.

Regarding stabilizers: We've prepared a real size drawing and we can start making anytime.
Regarding main wings: We have a lot of unknown points, for example, concretely how do we make main wings which are gull wings and a little complicated. We will resolve these points by getting advice from teaching assistants and referring to past airframe such as BATMAN.
Regarding automatic control: We washed out what we need, and ordered them. We will do an operation check with an equipment we have and research about the automatic control system until those products are delivered.

We are looking forward to starting making our airframe.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Yasunari Nishi
授業でうけたTAからのフィードバックをもとに、授業後にみんなで集まってミーティングを行いました。ミーティングの内容は、①尾翼の構造の最終決定、②主翼構造の詳細な話し合い、③自動操縦に関して各自調べてきたことの共有と、不明点の洗い出し です。