To the 11th Indoor Flying Robot Contest_ team Uppsala 4thAugust 10, 2015


We have started to assemble our multicopter version 2.
We don't use multiwii for version 2 multicopter, because control algorithm of multiwii is so unclear to modify and it is difficult to add functions for Rocking Wings.
Instead of multiwii, we use original design control board. It has three axis accelerometers and gyros. Madgwick filter algorithm is used to attitude estimation. The computational cost of Madgwick filter is less than one of other filter algorithm such as Kalman filter.
Our control board has Xbee wireless module. It can send operation log (sensor values and motor command) to PC.

Department of Precision Engineering
Soichiro Iwataki
2号機実装を開始しました。multiwiiは制御アルゴリズムが不透明であり、RockingWingsのプログラムを組み込むのが難しいため2号機からは使いません。代わりに2号機に載せるのは自作基板です。センサとして加速度計とジャイロを用い、姿勢推定アルゴリズムには計算量の少ないMadgwick filterを用います。