2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team E Article 1May 02, 2018


Today our team discussed our blueprint with our TAs. Our wing structure is going to be VERY strong, with four diagonal pieces supporting each wing! Strong as it is, this means that we are going to have an extremely hard time thinking about the landing gears and the releasing mechanism for the contest, as we will probably go pretty close to the weight limit. We have been thinking of several mechanisms to release the cup-noodle packs and retrieve it again for the contest. For example, one of our teammates thought about using a movable bar combined with a half-circle wire. However we found that we cannot really tell which mechanism would be more effective until we actually see how well our plane flies. Therefore we have decided to complete our plane ASAP so that we can go on to consider the additional features, such as the releasing mechanism or the landing gears. Meanwhile we still would have to keep thinking of new ideas, though, because the none of the ideas we have come up with so far does not seem like “the perfect idea.” We also learned how to use the laser cutter in our workshop. We actually tried cutting out a piece, and were surprised at how accurate those things are. Also, this was the first time we actually saw the material with which we plan to make our plane. Honestly, some of us are slightly worried, because they seem so fragile. However, all we can do for now is to believe our TAs and start making; they probably know what they are saying, and even if things do go wrong we can adjust or reinforce the parts whenever we want- only if we finish making the first version of our plane early enough. 今日は我々はTAさん達と三面図を検討しました。私たちは主翼の構造として各羽に構造部材を4つずつ使用する、非常に丈夫な構造にすることにしました。一方、この結果かなり機体が重くなってしまうのが大きな難点です。おそらく大会規定重量の上限ギリギリまで行ってしまうので、着陸装置やコンテスト用の物資投下装置については相当工夫する必要が出てくるでしょう。 私たちは物資投下装置についてのアイデアも少しずつ出しあっています。例えば、ある人は可動式の棒を丸い針金に抜き差しする事で物資を投下する機構を考えてきました。しかし、色々話しているうちに、どの機構が良くてどれがキツイのか、といったことは実際の飛行機の飛ばし易さなどがわからないと決められないということに気がついたので、色々な機構を考えつつ出来るだけ早く機体を完成させることを最優先にすることにしました。 また、工房にあるレーザーカッターの使い方も教わりました。実際部品一つを切り出してみたのですが、実際の材料をみてみてみんな率直に言って少し不安を感じています。本当にあんなので折れないんだろうか、それは神のみぞ知るということなのでしょう(笑)。まあTAさんも大丈夫だと言っているし、早く作ってしまえば仮にちょっと壊れても修正が利きそうだし、ともかく頑張って制作にかかります!