2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 6June 05, 2019


This week, we changed the designs of ribs and reinforcements before the class. During the class, the CAD group made stand designs, and the tail making group made more elaborate tails utilizing last week’s experience. Furthermore, we assembled the X shaped reinforcements in extra time. You may think the assembly work didn’t advanced so much even though we worked before the class. The reason is that we used almost all the time in modifying CAD designs after we became aware of the necessity. Laser cutter is always busy in the class, so we should have used it in extra time.
The reason why we are beginning to make stands now is that we thought we can’t assemble parts just with feelings after failed to accurately assemble main wing parts last week. There is another good point in making stands than accuracy. We will be able to replicate our plane even if it breaks incidentally by making them.
Our goal of next week is to complete main wings. As each member is becoming more efficient, our work will advance more speedily henceforth.