2020 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 1October 28, 2020


Our group, Team B, has decided to make a biplane. This week, we decided the specifications of the plane and designed the shape of the main wings, elevator and fin. Our plane weights 250g and flies at 4 m/s. The design of wings has been decided as shown in the picture, but arrangement of the body and the legs hasn’t been decided yet. We are going to design the plane in more detail and thinking about how to assemble it. 私たちチームBは複葉機を作成することに決めました。今回は諸元の決定と翼設計を行いました。重量250g、飛行速度4m/sとして計算を行い、図のように翼を設計しましたが、胴体と脚部の配置はまだ決まっていません。今後は詳細設計と工程表の作成を行なっていきます。