2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 1November 05, 2019


Making the Flying Robot report
Group A, Takumi Endo, November 5

Our group, Group A, has decided to make an all-wing aircraft. The all-wing aircraft has a complicated shape, because the main wing and the tail wing are merged together. However, all of us would like to make the flying robot which has one big main wing, so we have decided on making a aircraft of this shape.

All of the members of Group A are the bachelors 1st grade student. So, we are very nervous on completing the aircraft, but we are trying to get over the obstacle with the help of Teacher's Assistants.
In this week, we completed three things. First, deciding the role of each member, second, deciding the aircraft shape in detail and third, deciding the material of the framework. I will introduce each thing briefly.

First, I will talk about the role of each member. We have five positions and they are the person who draws the blueprint, the person who creates a CAD model based on the blueprints, the person who decides the motor, the person who decides the servo and the person who decides the position of various items. Each member holds one position.

Second, I will introduce the shape of the aircraft. Considering the weight, 200g, and the speed, 3m/s, we have decided the area of the main wing, 0.76m^2. In addition, we simulated the shape with the paper plane in order to imagine how the aircraft will fly. Third, we are going to use the balsa wood with a thickness of 3mm and whose width is 10mm and use this vertically in order to increase rigidity.

Thank you for supporting our study.
飛行ロボットを作る 11月5日 グループ A 理科I類 一年  遠藤匠


1、役割分担についてです。設計図を書く人、C A Dで設計図を作る人、モーターを探す人、サーボの選定の人、位置を決める人に分かれて行うことになりました。
2、重量200g、速度3m/s を考慮して揚力の式より主翼面積は0.76m^2と決まった。またどのように飛行機が飛ぶのかは想像するために紙飛行機を作った。