2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 6th Team CMay 18, 2016


Our main tasks of this week are an improvement of airfoil shapes and drawing a plan in consideration of the structure of WAVE (WAVE is the name of our robot). Firstly, we continued to analyze various plane models by using 3D analysis of XFLR5, a software. However we couldn’t find a good reflexed plane shape at last although teaching assistants helps us. So, though of course we’ll continue analyzing, we decided to make it our principle not to regard the result of analysis as the most important because that gets nowhere. Secondly we drew a plan like the photo. By gaining the strength near the center rib, WAVE will be stronger to the twist generated by ailerons. Also framework of ailerons is determined by referring previous robots.
The greatest achievement of this week is our robot’s name. We decided to name our robot WAVE by making an analogy to the shape of our reflexed wing.
Now we have many problems in the way to the project success. However, our team hardly have meeting time because members’ schedule don’t match. For overcoming difficulties, for succeeding in flight, from next week each of us has to be committed to the group work and unite efforts.

Gaku Nishiyama
College of Arts and Science, The University of Tokyo

東京大学理科Ⅰ類2年   西山 学