2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 2November 20, 2019


In the last meeting, we were going to create a protector for the propeller by using veneer and make a propeller joint for the drone with a 3D printer today.
In fact, today, we completed to make the production of the propeller joint of the drone body by a 3D printer as planned last week. The products are shown by a photo posted in this blog. By touching the product with our hands, we found that the ABS resin used in the 3D printing is more resistant to deformation and fracture than we expected.
The 3D printer is also making propeller protection parts. The work I did this time was to cut the plate into bars, so I finished making almost all the bars.
On the other hand, as for the drone body, although the material balsa plate arrived, we could not use the laser cutter well, so the production process was not going well. This problem occurred by a mistake how to convert the file to a file that matches the laser cutter. The next time, we will make use of this failure to make the parts as shown in the blueprint with a laser cutter.