2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1October 31, 2019


Hello, I'm Masaya Ido, from group D of flying robot project 2019autumn. We are going to build an autopilot airplane aiming to participate in the next Indoor Flying Robot Contest in 2020.
While three members are engaging in designing and crafting the airplane body, the other two are developing an autopilot system. There are three Bachelor 1st year students, one Masters 1st year student (me) and one Masters 2nd year student in our team. My background is aerospace engineering.
The design of our plane is truly orthodox, with a large tough wing and ailerons. This is because an autopilot airplane should fly slow and steady. The wing area is estimated about 6000cm^2 and it is designed to fly at 3.5 m/s. Aileron is aimed at turning quickly.
In today's class, we started making tail wings as shown in the photo. And I have just decided the airfoil and started designing wing structures. Next week, we are attaching the tail wing to the body and we will learn how to use the laser cutter, which is necessary to generate wing structures. Also, we are collecting electric parts such as motors, servomotors and a microcomputer in order to make a electric circuit by using these parts.
Thank you.