2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 6th Team EMay 18, 2016


This week our team made a first draft of the construction drawing for our model plane. Last week we made the third draft of the 3-view drawing for our model plane and we obtain many feedbacks from our teaching assistants. Considering the feedbacks we talked about where to install beams and ribs into our model plane. In order to secure strength against a load we install elements at an angle of 45°on the edge. Moreover a TA introduced a graduate student who know much about automatic control to us so we learned about autopilot in detail.
This week we made a structural drawing and it would go well. The construction of our plane is not so difficult and we would be able to make our plane in short time. At the same time we started searching for information of Madgwick filter which is a program of noise reduction.
The more we search for information about automatic control, the more difficult it seems to be. Madgwick filter is cutting-edge technology and there are little reference so it is expected that studying about noise reduction would take enormous amount of time. We need to get used to coding in C language too.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Hidekazu Karino
構造三面図をある程度固めたらできるだけ早く製作し自動操縦のプログラミングに時間を割きたいと考えています。センサーからの情報のノイズを除去するためにMadgwick filterについて調べ始めました。
しかし自動操縦について調べれば調べるほどそれが簡単にはいかないことがわかりました。Madgwick filterは新しい技術で参考文献が少ないので習得するのに時間がかかることが予想されます。他の補体フィルターのような比較的簡単な技術を採用するのも選択肢の一つです。またC言語で分担してプログラミングしていく予定なのでプログラミングになれる必要もあります。

航空宇宙工学科三年 苅野秀和