2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 3rd Team AApril 27, 2016


Our goal of this week was to complete the first 3-view drawing. In order to accomplish this, we needed to calculate how large each parts of the plane would be. We had difficulties in calculating the area of the main wing. After calculating, we agreed that the shape of the main wing was rectangular and we named it “Alpha”. We wanted our plane to fly stably enough and also to load flaperons. However, these concepts include a little contradiction. A stable plane means to make an ordinary plane but loading flaperon is not very ordinary. So, this is a big challenge to us.

Although loading flaperons was a little difficult point, we succeeded in making the first 3-view drawing. Also, the values we got from our calculation was not far from the ones of other former data.

The point we straggled at was the phase of calculation of the main wing area. At first, we got a much more small number than we had expected and other data. So we challenged again, but there were no problem in calculation process. All units were right, too. At last, we came to check the value itself and we found a misunderstanding in the velocity of the aircraft. Therefore, we succeeded in complete the 3-view drawing.

Masaya Ido
College of Arts and Sciences, Science 1, Sophomore