2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 7June 06, 2018


This week, carbon fiber reinforced plastic rod, which will act like one of the spars to hold all the ribs together, and ducted fan assembly arrived, but they will not be used anytime soon. We finally have all the ribs in correct shape and thickness, including the improved shape of the seventh, smallest ribs or wingtips. However simple stress test using defective ribs showed that the rib design had several weaknesses regardless of the defects. Because all the fabrics run in the same direction, which is back and forth, the ribs were weak to forces that push up or down, and easily bend. Furthermore, the rear end of the ribs, where the thickness of the wing become rather thin, was easy to break off. These issues need to be addressed before the ribs were assembled and became inaccessible. After all the ribs were organized and numbered, chord line was drawn on the ribs to aid the later assembly. The progress was made for body as well as the wings. Propulsion for our plane is, according to the plan, ducted fan, which requires a duct. A duct was cut out of poly-styrene foam using heat wire. 3 short pieces were cut out and were glued together. After that, the frames for the body was cut out from thin plywood which is to be glued to the largest ribs, and to hold the duct for the fan. They will be assembled later. 今週桁に使うcfrpとダクテッドファンが到着した。しかしすぐには使わないだろう。とうとう全てのリブが改善された第7を含めて、正しいサイズと形でそろった。ところが欠陥品に力をかけると欠陥と無関係の部分にも弱いところが見つかった。全ての繊維が前後方向に走っているので上下からの力に弱く、さらに翼後縁の薄くなる部分が折れやすい。これらの問題には組み立て前に対処しなければならない。全てのリブが完成してから番号を振ってコードラインを書き入れた。 胴体も進めた。計画では推進にはダクテッドファンを使うので、ダクトが必要となる。ポリスチレンからダクトを切り出した。3つに分けて作り、最後に接着した。また胴体の骨組みも切り出されて、2枚ずつ張り合わされた。これらは後ほど組み立てられる