2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 11th Team BJune 22, 2016


In this week, we succeeded in achieving 2 main points. First we connected the body of flying robot with the main wing and the tail wing. Beforehand, we design the joints between the body and the wing by using 3D CAD and cut out the joints by using laser cutter. We had difficulty in fitting the body which was columnar into the hole of joint. Second we succeeded in covering paper on the wings. It was easy to stick paper on the tail wing because tail wing of our flying robot was plane, but it was very difficult to stick paper on the main wing because the wing had curved surface. We made great progress in this week. This is due to our effort because we worked this project long time that is extra-time of class. Thanks to our advance in this week, we approached the finish of this project, or completing of the flying robot.
But we have many things to do next week. We must attach the machine parts on the body. So we must craft the container on which we put the attachments. Moreover, we must think about the design of the flying robot.

Msaya Ogino
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, college of Arts and Science (Science 1 course)

荻野 聖也
東京大学教養学部 理科一類2年