2017 summer semester Flying Robot Project 6th Team AJune 21, 2017


This week, we performed an operation check of a camera module. Using an oscilloscope, we were sure that analog output worked well, but digital output showed no reaction, so now we’re under investigation.
Unfortunately, the shipping of the parts were delayed, and we don’t have 4 of 3 motors. We’re looking for a shop to get motors now.
Because the developing period were delayed, we set the developing target of flying the multicopter stable enough without automatic control by the end of this semester using flight controller “Nase 32 rev6”. After that, we make develop automatic control system to win the contest.
開発期間の遅れにより7月半ばの授業期間終了時の自動制御はあきらめ、ひとまずフライトコントローラーはNase32 rev6を用い、授業期間終了時に最低限安定して飛行させられることを目指すことにした。授業期間終了後に自動制御に取り組み、コンテストを目指す