2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 2May 08, 2019


At the 2nd meeting, four main works were proceeded which were including design, research and discussion.

- Research for selecting Motor
We checked out the data sheet which shows various specs of motors, and selected the best one which matched the voltage, throttle and thrust valid to our rough calculation. Better condition are lower throttle and larger thrust at the same level of voltage.

- Consideration of Airfoil Design
Our flying-robot is designed to have larger wings because it will fly very slow. We thought carefully about the design around propellers, from the view point of aerodynamics.

- Design of CG-Shifting Device
It is necessary to move the CG of our flying-robot a few centimeters ahead because total moments in the pitch direction is needed to balance when the robot ascends. So we designed a simple system with a servo and wire, which can move the battery back and forth and change the center of gravity of the whole aircraft.

- List up of what to buy
We chose some parts referring to regular flying-robot and selected other parts with serious consideration on our own. For example, the two motors which are more efficient and have higher performance, CG-shifting device which can change the CF of the flying-robot by moving a battery back and forth, and so on.

Finally, we decided what to prepare for next meeting, CAD data of airfoil design and final decision of what to buy for making our own flying-robot, consideration of mechanics in CG-shifting device more deeply.